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New Missionaries and New Children arrive at Casa Agua Azul!

November has been a month of action!

We are grateful to our supporters for our success in our mission to provide a safe and loving home for the children of Casa Agua Azul.

New member of Casa Agua Azul at the Entrance

November has been a very productive month at Casa Agua Azul, with many visitors locally and from afar. In addition, the house population grew in number as the judge has appointed seven new children to our care.

The new children are two sets of siblings and one adolescent girl. Their ages range from 2 1/2 to 13 years old, both boys and girls. As the children settle into the house we are seeing transformation, a witness to the miraculous healing power of love and the true expression of Jesus.

This month, a local Guatemalan family who are in love with the children and desire to adopt three of our boys, came for a visit with their horse Cloie. All the children were able to experience horseback riding and the love this majestic animal carries. The children were elated. Then the door of the truck opened and a baby goat was gifted to them! His name is Michael. He was immediately swooped up into the arms of the children, bringing them joy beyond measure. One of the boys was so excited that later that night he sneaked Michael into his bunk. When our staff found Michael in the room, he was asleep with his head and hoof relaxed back on the pillow.

Our many visitors this month have brought forth many improvements to the property. The Dews family from New Zealand have become a part of our Casa Agua Azul family and have contributed to the progress of our Director’s house which is very needed. With the increased number of the children we will need to utilize the second floor of the main house where our director has been living.

Welcome to our family!

New children and new supporters!

The Eaves family, visiting from Houston, have joined our team, bringing many gifts. Their love for God and serving His kingdom has generated an explosion of new ideas for ways to improve and make the best use of what we have. They also provided us with inspiration about how to move forward as good stewards of the gifts and talents God has given us in the Kingdom.

Gifts and shared talents have the power to change hearts for a life time!

Missionary and children coloring.

Josh and Jamie Stoneman from our Florida Keys with Global Love Initiative sailed aboard Adonai. They brought supplies and a team of 19 contributing loving hearts and working hands. Through their united efforts and diverse skills, they accomplished several improvements. The many tasks of painting, laying tile, tearing down old structures, rebuilding, cleaning up, electrical wiring, plumbing and artistic decoration were all completed with joyful smiles.

Adonai Crew arrives with many supplies, ready hearts and hands to serve!

Adonai Sailing Missionary Crew

Anna and Dave from England aided us with electrical work. They also introduced others from the Rio Dulce cruising community to Casa Agua Azul and our mission.

Thank you Cruisers for your support!

Among our visitors is also a group of young teenagers who are traveling and living aboard sailing vessels with their families. For 10 months, Ade and Nomai from Israel, Grace from Vermont, and Dion from South Africa continue to come and volunteer. They are delightful, willing to do whatever needs to be done. They also bring their musical talents to share with the children along with games.

Working with a smile!

Missionary Painting and Working.

Many new work projects are underway which are necessary to accommodate more children in the house. We are grateful to all of our supporters and invite you to come and explore the wonders of Guatemala while visiting Casa Agua Azul.

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