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Oasis of Hope

Growing the Next
Generation Right

We are providing all the necessary ingredients to create a balanced approach to raising and maintaining a safe house for children. The next generation is in our hands and with your support, we will raise the children and help the entire village.

There has been tremendous progress over the last year and reaching our goals we owe it all to you and our teams on the ground. We are excited to share the next phase of the oasis we are building with your help. Join us to see what it's all about where we combine experience with purpose. 

Please pray with us for God to open the proper doors in his time to move. Without the Spirit, our work will not remain.

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Open the Floodgates

Thank you for being a big part of this move of God.

In July we successfully planted 1500 hardwood trees and  250 pineapple plants to add to the fruit grove planted last year. This will give us sustainability in the future and give the children a lesson in their Guatemalan culture.


The mission house is ready and has been hosting new missionary teams since November of last year. The ability to host our own teams and pour into the body of Christ broadens our scope of care for the children.

Current Needs of the House


  • A full time English teacher for the kids

  • A full time assistant to live onsite

  • Dorm housing on property for long term missionaries and work away programs who can supply skilled and manual labor for room and board.

  • Fixing the leaks in the food pantry and director's home

  • A new oven that works

  • One bathroom needs renovation

  • The water project is still on the table

Your Support 

is an outpouring of praise

to our God of heaven.

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Casa Agua Azul Project & Business Plan

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