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Casa Agua Azul

Casa Agua Azul is a safe house for abandoned and abused children in Guatemala. We are located in the village of Ensenda on the shores of Lake Izabal. We have been welcomed into this community since January of 2015, as three cultures, Indigenous, Spanish, and American united in prayer to fulfill a need.


The brutal Guatemala civil war of 1960 to 1996 left behind 1000’s of orphaned children causing private adoption to escalate. “ the repression amounted to wholesale slaughter of the peasantry and massacres of entire villages; first in the departments of Izabal and Zacapa.  (1966-68) Wikipedia, (Ensenda is located in Izabal).


CNA the National  … Click here for more information


We are here for the above reasons. To bring healing to the hearts of those affected and the land. The need is great. Casa Aqua Azul is tucked away in the jungle, next door is a soccer field and a good school. Our community is peaceful and small. Our relationships with the local church are strong and so is our pastoral support. We are surrounded by the intense beauty of nature which promotes healing and allows the children to grow in a safe, loving environment. 


You are invited to join us and our mission. Come for a visit and volunteer, meet our village, our staff, and our children. You will experience life from a unique perspective. Together our light shines bright bringing love, and healing. 

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