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Our Story

Having Seen A World In Need…


We heard a cry of broken hearts. In 2006-2008, Gail, Ted and son Trevor Gordon carried out a mission of faith leaving behind their home in the Florida Keys.  Setting sail to Central America changed the course of our lives. We continued as a family across the South Pacific to Tahiti seeing the world with new eyes. Eventually we returned to the USA by way of Hawaii and California never to be the same. Our Journey of Faith has lead us to where we are today. A fiery passion has been born to provide a safe home for abandoned and abused children in the Rio Dulce area of Guatemala, “Casa Aqua Azul.” This is the work of many.

Our passion for the children of Guatemala greatly increased in 2009 when 9 women visited the children's home of Casa Ahicam located in Poptún, Guatemala. The desperation we witnessed moved our hearts.  A fire destroyed the home in December of 2009, which compelled us to help in the rebuilding efforts. We joined forces with the Church of God and a new facility was completed to house the children of Ahicam.

Our hearts were touched by the needs of the many children suffering in Guatemala.  THIS brought forth the vision of Casa Agua Azul in 2013. We have been diligently working hard, digging in the dirt, and building relationships with the people of Guatemala.  It has been a long journey to comply with the Guatemalan Government regulations and building in a foreign land. This journey has also provided learning, growing, and sharing between many different cultures. Many lives have been touched and changed.

We are where we are today because of you joining our team – putting your hands to the plow and the generosity of your heart.

Board of Directors


Ted Gordon

President Florida Fence Corp. Multi-Engine Commercial Rated Pilot, US Coast Guard Captain 100 ton, Leadership serving the Boy Scouts of America High Adventure Camp of Bahama Sea Base.


Pastor Marlin Simon

Spirit and Truth Ministries Tavernier, Florida (305) 852-7975
President Christians Boaters Associations


Gail Gordon

Serving Guatemala since 2007. Director of BWS, Mission team organizer, Leadership serving the Boy Scouts of America High Adventure Camp of Bahama Sea Base. Personal interests: Windsurfing Instructor, US Coast Guard Captain, Cosmetologist Christian Healing.


Humberto “Bert” Jimenez

Life-long lover and student of nature and her Creator. MS degree in Microbiology, worked in field 14 years. Navy hospital corpsman, served in Vietnam.
Realtor in the Florida Keys and St. Petersburg Fl. Loves boat, the sea, navigation and all such matters. Willing to teach and share with younger folks lessons learned along the way.


Robert Onsgard

Retired Florida Power and Light.

Married with three children, living in North Broward.

Excited about how the Lord can bless us through helping others and honored to be a part of His work at Casa Aqua Azul.

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