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The Lange's Video Testimony

Created by two middle schoolers after their family trip to Guatemala

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What Story Do You Want to Tell?

Be a part of the Blue Water Surrender story.

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Suzi's Story

The need in Guatemala is great, after visiting many homes and hearing the stories of abuse something more needs to be done on behalf of the children. This is the  why of Casa Aqua Azul, suffering is real and we have the ability to alleviate  a degree of suffering .

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About Our Mission


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Rachael's Video

The heart of missions is love. Perfect love casts out fear and moves the mountains we often face in life. Love heals and love is what remains. Come and be love,  change your life and others in the process.

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Keys Weekly Article

April 2018

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A Beautiful Mission

A story of how a college student was impacted by Rosita, a Guatemalen orphan, during a Blue Water Surrender mission trip in 2016.

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Dupres Bring Island Goods to Guatemalan Orphans on Mission Trip

Mackinac Island Town Crier 2015

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Blue Water Surrender Mission Trip to the San Blas Islands of Panama

Mission trips are life changing. Expect the impossible to be possible.

Get in Touch
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The Redpath Story

Casa Agua Azul and the beauty that surrounds us in the Rio

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