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Dorian Relief Update

Blue Water Surrender is grateful for all your generous support! The love being extended to those suffering is a beautiful witness of God living in the heart of mankind. Hope is here! Your love and compassion are bringing healing and life.

In the darkest of times in our lives, there will be light as we look to the light of the world, Jesus our Savior.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” (John 1:5).

There is a story behind the story which is being created in this very moment. Hurricane Irma, a savage storm herself two years ago, brought Ted, myself, Steve and Carmen to Tortola. We had purchased two catamarans that were damaged in the storm. Seven months after the storm, water and electricity were still scarce on the island. Our Luci solar light became one of our greatest treasures. Every day, placing our Luci in the sun ensured a much-needed lamp to our feet during the dark hours of the night. In February 2016 on the island of Tortola, the concept for 1000 lights for the Abacos was born.

I love the plan and purpose God has for his people. The combined efforts of many have made it possible for 1000 Luci solar lanterns to be flown into Marsh Harbor, Abaco, along with many other supplies to bring light into the darkness.

We are grateful to those who sent God’s Word to be a lamp to the spirit. Man is made body, mind, and spirit. Relief efforts bring aid to house the body, consolers to reach the mind, and the word of God to build and heal the spirit which has also taken an assault deep within the person. All parts are of equal value and in need of care for a person to be whole.

The stories and photos of the last two weeks have been heartbreaking. It is hard to imagine what the people of the Bahamas have been going through spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Abaco was home to Ted and me for four years. We were living aboard our catamaran while serving at Bahama Sea Base, a Boy Scouts of America high adventure program. During this time, we became part of the community along with the other Sea Base Captains and crew. The beauty of the Abacos is astounding and her people gentle and kind.

It is sad to see such a beautiful community suffering and hearing the stories of the sea overtaking the islands and the winds destroying homes. Many people remain in Marsh Harbor working to rebuild their lives, homes, and island. The relief coming in from all directions brings tears to your heart from the over whelming love as one human family.

Flying into Marsh Harbor, the color of the bay was hurricane brown, bringing back memories of our Florida Keys after Hurricane Irma, which now, two years later, is bright and green. We are grateful to our friends who donated the use of their Navajo which has allowed us to bring more supplies.

Our landing was smooth with the three of us aboard, Shane Wiebe, Ted Gordon and myself stuffed in with the many supplies. The tarmac w