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Gods hand is always at work !

The blessings of visitors as I taking a look back, I see God’s hand is always at work to bring forth his plan.

Gail Gordon , Director Blue Water Surrender

Seven months ago, I flew into Guatemala City and was met by my wonderful friend Reichelle Rodgers whose ministry serves the public Hospital, San Jose Hospital. She is hope too many children suffering in the burn ward, cancer ward, and others waiting for surgery. God uses willing ordinary people with willing hearts to do great and amazing things. ( )

Reichelle Rodgers Faithful Steps

I find my self standing here again wondering what the Lord has planned. God has been sending many people from all around the world and different parts of the U.S.A. to serve at Casa Agua Azul. For one to walk by faith is to expect the unexpected, knowing God is good and that God truly is good all the time.

Casa Agua Azul is filled with visitors!

My travels in Guatemala City has brought me to meet with different lawyers and officers of government agencies. Paperwork like everywhere else, has a way of taking over a large portion of your life. It has been astounding how God places people to gather at unexpected moments who have exactly the information and means to accomplish moving the mountain which stands before you, and to move it with great joy!

Norma Sac our Social Worker !

Looking back to January and February, I see the beautiful families that have come to volunteer, and I look forward to the families that will come this summer. Hearts of love avail much and are a blessing. Together we all experience the love of God and share God’s love with others. Missions in not just for the young or the retired, but it is also for families. As we step out of our comfort zones with our children, we instill in them endless possibilities of life, all the while trusting God to provide. God has created each one of us with purpose (Jeremiah 29:11 )

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jackie Ruiz , Missionary from Nicaragua

This January a young missionary form Nicaragua felt a tug on her heart to come and serve at Casa Agua Azul. Jackie Ruiz is a ball of fire and eager to serve. She had joined us on a short term mission trip prior, and fell in love with the children of Guatemala. Being fluent in both languages makes her a great asset. Jackie has worked with the Manna Pack program. Little did we know we would be receiving Manna Packs from Catalyst Resources International an out reach of Access Church in Guatemala City. Her background of leading mission teams specializing in youth was perfect, because at the same time God had placed on the hearts of the Yacoe, and Lange family an impromptu mission trip to Guatemala! ( )

Jackie loving the children!

"I'm Jackie Ruiz from Nicaragua, and I spent two months in Guatemala at Bluewater Surrender. I'm not the same person since I came back, I think about the kids every day of my life! The country, the kids, the staff and the house made a huge impact in my life. I will never forget my beautiful experience there! It's interesting to see how someone can change your life with a hug, a smile. I can see Jesus in them. During my time there, I was the happiest person in the entire world. Thank you so much for everything, Bluewater Surrender, Mrs. Gail, her husband and her amazing staff for showing me love and compassion."

-"To every child - I dream of a world where you can laugh, dance, sing, learn, live in peace and be happy" -M.Y.

Joesph, Owen, Jackie, Zuber, Gail, Marina

January was a busy month! I met the Yacoe family, Joseph and Marina, with Zuber and Owen in Guatemala City, from here we traveled together the many miles to Casa Agua Azul. We spent the week making many improvements to the home and praying for the children who would come and find safety. On the shores of Lake Izabal they were impacted by what God is doing through Blue Water Surrender and the many people who have contributed.

Dinner at our mission host house of Faithful Steps!

“Seeing the obedience, to a call to love orphans, in action. Seeing Christians serving together in faith. Experiencing the providence of God visible in the beautiful home filled with love and anticipation being readied for the children God would bring.

Standing on the grounds of Casa Agua Azul, on the beautiful lake praying thanksgiving to God for what he did with Gail and Ted’s vision. So faith-giving. Wow! Being there with my boys - knowing that this experience would plant a seed of evidence that God commands and inspires and provides .”

Skateboard out reach!

February rolls around with the wonderful Lange family, Brad and M’Leigh with their teenage daughter Ava and their twin boys Croix and Cruise. Stepping into Guatemala opens the eyes to Americans as we come from our busy lifestyles and fast moving societies. Skateboarding was our ministry this week connecting youth to youth.

M'Leigh Lange joyfully delivering Manna Packs!

I love how God blesses and shows his plan is perfect. We saw God’s work come full circle. Last mont, we received out of the blue the donation of Manna Packs from Access Church. The Lange's had hosted a Manna Pack packing party in the Florida Keys at Island Community Church a few years ago, and now totally unplanned, they were carrying these manna packs into homes in Ensenada. It is very touching to see, first hand, the lack that many live in day by day without the choices we have in America, and to partake in a greater portion of the blessing. God is faithful! Love changes lives.

Roserio and Gail

We are grateful to the Hackney family who just happen to be sailing from the Florida Keys to the Rio Dulce area of Guatemala. Tayna blessed us with her art work by painting a beautiful mural!

Tanya and the Tuil family.

The Hackney boys stepped up to the plate big time, and worked moving rocks for a few months, helping us build the retaining walls!

While visiting Casa Agua Azul, you will see life in our village of Ensenda. It is impacting to touch, feel, and taste the lives of others. Your heart cannot help but to be changed.

Laundry on Lake Izabal.

Laundry is hand- scrubbed and for many, it is done in the lake and the streams.

Carrying corn to the Molina.

Women carry corn on their heads which is ground fresh for tortillas at the molina. Pigs roam the streets and chickens run wild. When you talk about fresh beef, it is truly fresh. I walked by the church one day only to see a cow with its fur still on, being cut and cooked.

God's hand is at work in this tiny village on the shores of Lake Izabal which is home to Casa Agua Azul. We are grateful to all who have come or have supported us through other means, you are a blessing, and what you have given is changing lives.

Gail Gordon

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