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Love Heals

Casa Agua Azul is bursting with energy as 11 children are now under our care. In total the court system has sent us four sets of siblings, all of which are from different cultural backgrounds. The needs vary along with their behaviors which presents a challenge to our great team at Casa Agua Azul. Our staff requirements are high with the United Nations being involved with the Guatemala children agency CNA. The family background and situations the children have come from is mostly a mystery. Each day as they share bits and pieces of their stories we begin to see a tiny picture of where they have come from. Despite the abuse many of them have suffered the hearts of the children continue to cry out for their parents. Friday and Sunday are the family visiting days which brings forth a mix of emotions. When a parent does not show up it is very painful for the child.

Teaching a new way to the children is our mission, the greatest gift we have for them is our love. Love heals , love transform and love is eternal, as they come to know Jesus more each day their arms reach up in praise with voices of thanksgiving. To see their smiles is precious, often they turn to tears and emotional outbursts and in time they return to joy. It is forever interesting within one self to attempt to understand the psyche of each child. The dynamics between the children is one of any family, disputes arise and the need for love is apparent. Hugs become a language each child embraces. From moment to moment love is absorbed as love is given. Love is to be experienced for love is what will truly heal.

Discipline is a must for a child to grow strong. Time is taken out to reflect on one’s own self, to conclude for oneself, that for every action there is a reaction. Wise counsel containing Godly principles is given to each child after discipline. When Godly principles are followed with Godly actions they will bear fruit in the days to come, but first they must be taught the truth.

Our staff is full of encouragement to help the children dream of the future. Aspirations of doctors, pastors, artists and actors have been spoken forth and affirmed. To dream is to live, as hope arises the possibilities that are yet to come have the potential to be great. God’s word says without a vision the people will perish, it is the same for children.

Prayers are breaking down barriers which have been built around the hearts. Forgiveness to harmful loved ones will set a child free. To hear a child say “ I will never forgive my aunt ” shows the abuse they experienced is real, but then to hear a child say “ How do I forgive ” a joyous moment is present to prayer for forgiveness. We are seeing God’s hand upon Casa Agua Azul and the hearts of the children. To watch a child grow from tears to saying good morning and God bless you is worth the numerous struggles. Shouts of hallelujah fills our ears while raised arms stretching to the Lord are shouting words of thanksgiving.

Life is given at Casa Agua ,and is affecting those outside of our walls. This week we had the honor of baptizing a friend who we have met along the way. In 2009 love was given to a woman in distress on a sailboat. With many trails and tribulations through the years a friendship was formed as Jesus revealed himself to her. There is no greater joy than to be part of someone giving their life to Chrsit. On the shores of Lake Izabal the angels roared. Sharon, on May 13, 2019 rises to new life in Christ , a testimony of the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ our risen King.

Kindness counts and touches lives. Casa Agua Azul shines as a beacon of light in our village of Ensenada. Medicine is administered to sick children carried in the arms of mothers looking for help. Food is given to aid in the war against malnutrition. God has blessed us with mangoes dropping from the trees, day and night. Neighboring children come by to enjoy this delicious fruit, while others will come to gather the fruit for market . The common sound through out the night is the loud bang of mangoes continuously dropping on our roof. The night sounds of the jungle are a symphony of nature.

We invite you to come for a visit to Casa Agua Azul and see for yourself the hand of God at work in and through the lives of ordinary people with an extraordinary God.

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