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June Mission Success

View photos from our June 2018 Mission Trip HERE!

June 2018 Mission Success:

The team arrives from Michigian, Canada and Florida excited to be on the shores of Lake Izabal and settle down to a good Guatemalan meal after a long day of travel. A good night’s rest is in order for tomorrow we are looking forward to the 230 excited school children, which turned into 270, awaiting us with smiles and eager eyes.

The rooster crows way before the sunrise and a new day is ahead of us. Hot wonderful Guatemalan coffee is served with the mountains in the distance and looming peace is in abundance over Lake Izabal at Hotel Mangal. This is our home away from home, a family run business surrounded by a cattle field, mountains and Lake Izabal which are filled with love. Breakfast of fresh eggs is served with fresh tortillas and the most delicious ranchero sauce surrounded by the many fresh fruits grown in Guatemala. Munchie, our host has arranged our transportation this morning, so after breakfast we all load up in the wagon hooked up to the tractor! This is an “only in Guatemala” moment.

Arriving in Ensenada the school children are delighted to see us and we start our long awaited adventure. Ministering to the children is wonderful but crazy at the same time. The team jumps in like pros. The lesson today is taught with play dough which at the end of the day is known as pray dough! The children are so eager to learn, participate, and experience. You are able to see God touching their hearts as you watch their eyes and smiles. The result at the end of the day is total success with exhaustion!

The week is fabulous and filled with activity. More time is spent at the school, we revisit recycling with the children and an afternoon is spent picking up trash in the village. By the time we were done the mounds of trash filled the truck to overflow. We ventured to the dump and we ourselves learned more about recycling in this country. The team hosts a luncheon for the teachers. Together we share new ideas, hopes, prayer and dreams. The team gifted the school with many art supplies for futures lessons. Time is spent at Casa Aqua Azul cleaning up the grounds for our final inspection with the Guatemala Government Agency CNA ( Counsel of National Adoption ) The final inspection of the property was a beautiful day and CNA states that nothing will hold us back.

A rain storm had passed though at night and mangoes covered the ground, mangoes beyond belief. Our property is blessed with many fruit bearing trees. The good mangoes were collected and brought to another school outside the village to be dispersed as a nutritional snack. The team worked in the hot sun to move gravel and rocks in order to create walkways. The playground was expanded with a tetherball court and a climbing net bridge on the swing set. We also hosted a yard sale which is how Blue Water Surrender shares goods with the community. Our yard sales have become “look forward’ to event in Ensenada and is a fun time of gathering. The team visited our sister house, Casa Hogar Ahicam in Poptun and hiked up the mountain with the children. This has become an annual event. Special moments of prayer interlaced our trip bringing comfort and peace to many in need.

A wonderful surprise occurred after dinner on night. Brennan was intensely moved to be baptized now! With the moon glistening over Lake Izabal standing under the stars he was. God had also been speaking to 11 year old Brady The next day at high noon he was baptized in the Lake at Casa Aqua Azul. Brady believes this is the first on many baptisms to come here for the children at Casa Agua Azul. When the Lord speaks to the heart we are obedient and God’s glory shines even brighter in those moments when time appears to stop and God starts to fill our hearts with His love to a greater measure.

Purposeful fun is always a part of our trips. Jumping in the waterfalls at Finca Paris is a must for any trip. In addition our team found them selves driving up into the mountains to explored Seacacar, a natural preserve. Surrounded by beautiful nature the team walked across a rope bridge suspended over the river, was served a delicious lunch, prayed in a Mayan Cave, and walked along the beautiful river to a dazzling conclusion of tubing down the river, Rio Sauce through the spectacular steep canyon rock walls of splendor, echoing the sounds of delight from the human soul filled with bewilderment of intense natural beauty.

Our week comes to a close with tear-filled eyes from the love given and received. The many special moments of divine intervention manifesting though prayer continues to change the lives of many. God is faithful. His Holy Spirit continues to show himself mighty. Words cannot explain this week, the richness of God’s love and the realization of “God with us” has to be experienced.

Come and taste and see that God is good.

We are victorious in Christ every moment with every breath.

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