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Rio Dulce Up-date

Pastor Luis from Church on the Streets in the Rio Dulce has shared about Martha a local woman who was hit by a bus while crossing the street. Her life was spared but she lost a leg from this accident.

Hope for Martha a new leg!

Martha is a mother of two , her husband had left her to raise the children solo, with the loss of her leg she was unable to work. There is new hope for Martha, she will be receiving a new leg . A prosthesis was part of the medical supplies delivered in May of 2012 by Blue Water Surrender and currently medical clinic Romp is building Martha a new leg by refitting the old and making it new a perfect fit for Martha!

Blue Water Surrender had transported the prosthesis which was our founding fathers leg, Bill Gordon. Bill had lost his leg in a diving accident and formed Admiral Handicapped Scuba and Dive Adventures. He had a heart for the handicapped, while in his seventies he taught many paraplegics and handicapped people to scuba dive giving them a new freedom and hope in the water! Bill had a special fondness for the Guatemalan people and traveled often to visit and study in language schools. Bill passed away over a year ago, we are continuing in his footsteps and have taken A.H.S.A. in a new direction “Blue Water Surrender” bringing a message of hope to people via God’s ocean. Bill had a love for the ocean and people. Life will take its twists and turns but as we keep our eyes open we witness the on going blessings of life. It is a blessing to see Martha receive a new leg, with God all things are possible!

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