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Mary's Testimony

Blue Water Surrender, Guatemala, and Casa Aqua Azul have meant so much to me in my walk with the Lord. I was first called to Guatemala with BWS 6 months after I committed my life to Jesus. This trip - and the two trips that followed - created a lifelong impact on my faith, as I have seen the Lord provide again and again for this labor of love in providing a safehouse for the children of Guatemala. Personally, I was able to witness the power of the Holy Spirit in ways that we don't get to see in the States, because when you step out of your comfort zone, it opens you up to experiencing His power and provision in new ways. The Spirit of God is so alive in the believers of Guatemala who daily pour out the Spirit to others through prophecy and encouragement. I was able to share the blessing of this mission with my husband shortly after we were married, and hope to share it with my children also. I continue to give to this mission through finances and prayer because I want Casa Aqua Azul to be available for my family and others to serve the Kingdom of God and to witness the power of His Presence and to visit this beautiful country!

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