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Jackie's Testimony

Life changing? YESSS!!! That’s the way I can describe this trip. Before my trip to Guatemala I asked God for something specific, but He surprised me with something bigger. He is more than amazing. This year has been so difficult for me, so I was having a really hard time but God is faithful. He knows the desires of our heart.


Mrs. Gail Gordon, The Director of Bluewater Surrender invited me to go to Guatemala with her team from the Florida Keys. I felt so blessed and so honored to be a part of the team. Mrs. Gordon asked me to translate for her and the team and also to share my life experience with her Staff, can you believe that? I know, crazy, right? What a privilage..


Words cannot describe the joy I feel in my heart. I've been a Christian girl all my life, I'm 30 years old, but not until this trip did I see Jesus so real in my life. We always talk about our relationship with Jesus, that His love endures forever, He died for us, that we can walk in freedom because of His Grace, etc. I always talk about it too, but it took me awhile to realize that I can experience that. One thing is to know about God´s love but other thing is to live it with your heart and soul and that was what I really realized in Guatemala. Before this trip I was living a lie. I thought I was giving my life to people, but not really. I think I was living in airplane mode…

People from Guatemala have the perfect smile, I saw Jesus in every child, I cried every day when I was in Casa Agua Azul (tears of joy, for sure). I spent time with the staff; what amazing people, so humble, they touched my heart. I will never forget every smile, every hug, every word. I love kids, they are so pure, Gabriela, Maria, Israel and every child I met touched my heart, they taught me something very important that changed my life forever. I thought I was going to Guatemala to bless these people, to touch many lives BUT they changed my life forever, they blessed me, they touched my life in amazing way that I never expect. We went to the Hospital and we went to the Orphanage as well.  My heart couldn’t contain the tears, many kids suffering yet not complaining about their situation as they showed me love, hugged me, and gave me a big smile!


Thank you BWS for the opportunity. Thank you so much for everything Mrs. Gail Gordon and Mr. Ted Gordon, I hope to come back to Guatemala very soon. Thanks to the people who encouraged me and believed in me, you know who you are.



I want to encourage anyone, any person who wants to do missions, who wants to serve the people, who wants to have a deeper relationship with God. Bluewater Surrender is the place for you!! God bless you!!


-Jackie Ruiz

Managua, Nicaragua

Jeremiah 28:11

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