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Tracy's Testimony

I was fortunate to be able to go on Blue Water surrenders first Mission trip to Guatemala. It was personally a very difficult time in my life but I felt the Lord leading me to attend this trip despite what was going on at home. I am so grateful I was obedient because this time in Guatemala was a paradigm shifter! It truly taught me that it is in my time of weakness I am the most useful as it has nothing to do with me and my efforts and everything to do with Him.   I was so blessed by the group of lovely ladies and more over by the people we met on this journey. Fellowshipping with people who had so little by worldly standards, but truly experienced the joy and peace of the Lord has changed my life and perspective forever. Being around the children who had been abandoned yet had such open loving hearts was truly the most precious gift of all. I went there thinking I was helping them but the reality is their love helped heal me, I came back with my heart overflowing. I will cherish the memories,  lessons and friendships always!

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