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Christi's Testimony

Faith Without Works is Dead.  James 2:20 

I love thinking of bible versus in the “opposite”.  Faith with works is ALIVE.  


That is what mission trips with Blue Water Surrender have made my Christian journey.... alive!  When traveling the four times to Guatemala, each and every trip has been a different encounter with the people, place and especially with God.  I have seen prophetic words realized, watched children who were abandoned and so sad regain self esteem and a new life, and I have seen myself in a much more clearer light - not always pretty, but illuminating! 


I loved going the first trip with a group of ladies carrying many bags of goods for donation.  The second trip our smaller and multi-aged group brought art and drama.  The third experience was with my husband and 2 daughters who documented the trip with photos and video that are most precious to me now.  The last trip was the toughest, where my spiritual core became much stronger, wiser and humbled.  And this coming November, I am hoping to go back on trip #5, because to go to Guatemala is freedom, it is growth, it is joy, love and an opportunity to give back and love others in a way not possible in my hometown.  


The journey with Gail and Ted Gordon of missions and fund raising for the children’s home has given my life extra meaning, and my marriage a common philanthropic and spiritual focus.  It came at the time when my children were leaving the nest, and my nest has expanded in adventure with Jesus that has had a profound effect on my life.  


Thank you BWS for the opportunity.  Thank you Gail for always encouraging me to go and to grow...and for being such a great example of stepping out in faith and leading others to do the same.  


I would certainly encourage anyone - family, single or couple to GO and experience missions with Blue Water Surrender.  


Christi Dupre 

Islamorada, Fl 

Mackinac Island, MI 

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