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Where We Stand: Onward and Upward

Blue Water Surrender has heard the cry of the human heart deep with-in the jungles of Guatemala. We are located on Lake Izabal in the small indigenous village of Ensenada, which is home to many beautiful Kekchi families . Numerous children of Guatemala who have been abandoned, orphaned or abused will be finding hope, love, and peace here at Casa Aqua Azul, our children's home. Our praise today is that the final documents, which complete the CNA Guatemala Government regulations, have been submitted in Guatemala City. CNA (Counsel of National Adoption) is required to abide by certain international laws and once this process is complete, Casa Aqua Azul will be the first approved children’s home in the Department of Izabal, Guatemala.

What I have found so interesting while researching the Guatemala civil war which was from 1960 to 1996 is : "The Guatemalan state was the first in Latin America to engage in widespread use of forced disappearances against its opposition with the number of disappeared estimated at between 40,000 and 50,000 from 1966 until the end of the war. In rural areas where the insurgency maintained its strongholds, the repression amounted to wholesale slaughter of the peasantry and massacres of entire villages; first in the departments of Izabal and Zacapa (1966–68) and later in the predominantly Mayan western highlands from 1978 onward. In the early 1980s, the killings are considered to have taken on the scale of genocide. In total, it is estimated that 200,000 people were killed or "disappeared" during the conflict." ( Casa Aqua Azul is located in the Department of Izabal and many of the elders here in Izabal today experienced the horrific brutality committed resulting in loss of family and homes. I believe that through Casa Aqua Azul, God is bringing greater healing to the land, (remove) and the people by knitting cultures together for a common purpose. That purpose is to protect the orphaned, abandoned, and abused children of today.

This June a mission team of 14 arrived at Casa Aqua Azul to partake in bringing good will to the village and our ministry. This great team was comprised mainly of first time missionaries who jumped in to the full measure and did not miss a beat. I was very impressed by their love, perseverance, and God given gifts and talents. They ministered in the local school to 230 totally engaged children through games, hands on lessons and the sharing of personal life experiences. The children received the truth from God’s word to empower them in their lives. Pouring out love in truth is the answer no matter where you are, for love never fails, love is our victory. Blue Water Surrender encourages mission trips to all ages and people from all walks of life.

There are many beauties to be seen in nature and amongst the people in Guatemala and the food is excellent. Mixed in the beauty is also pain as in any country. To bring relief to those suffering is a blessing to the Lord for He has created mankind in his very own image. Stepping out of your comfort zone opens your eyes to the presence of God and His purposeful love. Many lives are being changed though joining our mission in Guatemala. As you walk and experience life in Guatemala God has a way of touching your heart . Americans in particular find how blessed they are simply because they have beed born in America. God speaks and they return home with an ignited fire in their hearts. Some have been baptized in Lake Izabal and in the beauty of Aqua Caliente, a waterfall tucked away in the jungle next door to Casa Agua Azul. The spirit of God continues to pour forth blessing.

August 21, 2018 a team of 4 will be returning to Guatemala to start building a retaining wall on the west side of our property. We will build the wall with rubber tires. The benefit of using rubber tires is cost and effect. It saves $ 2,000 to use the tires, plus the life of the wall is greater than using metal baskets filled with rocks, a system which is commonly used. It also aids in recycling efforts. To build with concrete is estimated at $15,000 plus. Our goal is to be the best steward of funds donated to Blue Water Surrender. The why of the wall is because the village drainage ditch borders our property and is quickly eroding the soil causing our fence line to deteriorate. Once the retaining wall is complete, a new fence will be erected, a requirement by CNA for the property to be secure. Many children come from abusive situations and the perpetrator often tries to contact the child which causes more harm. Until rehabilitation of each has been determined by the judicial system there is to be no contact with out supervision. The purpose of the wall and the fence line is to form a safe barrier.

God is answering the cry of the human heart from heaven through human hands. There is a song buried in each persons heart to be released. As you bless others your song is heard.

I invite you to come to Guatemala and experience something new. Listen and hear your song which is bringing forth the Kingdom of God as you chose to love and walk by faith. God is faithful and God is with us.Together we make a great difference, together we are an army of love moving mountains and we will see His glory shining forth.

Victorious in Christ,

Gail Gordon

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