Annual Bluewater Benefit

Benefit Poster

We have received our first two children to Casa Agua Azul. They are Sofia, 4 and Otto, 6 months, brother and sister. Abandoned by their mother due to poverty, they were sleeping in the street the night before the police brought them to us.  All children are Court ordered from Puerto Barrios, Guatemala for various reason which is confidential information. 

In the photo above, on the left in the red shirt is Wally, 3, son of Jerry and Griselda, our house parents.  They are Guatemalan.  Jerry served in the US Marines after moving to the States as a child. He returned to Guatemala in 2007 where he married his beautiful wife.  They have such a heart of love for children. Every year, they organize a camp for over 300 children of the Rio Dulce region to share the love of Jesus.  Jerry is the chief of the local fire department and also works with Titus Ministry, who brings higher education to 7 remote villages off the tributaries of the Rio Dulce River.  


Casa Agua Azul

Thank you to everyone for participating in our annual fundraiser!


Monthly support is the heart of our funding, which allows us to work with an annual budget and meet our monthly expenses. 


We have ongoing projects that will improve the state of the house and the children. We are grateful for your patronage as we continue to grow and expand.